Larkhaven Farm

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On the edge of the Okanogan Valley, nestled into the shoulder of Little Whiskey Mountain, between Ellisforde and Whitestone Lake as the crow meanders, lies Larkhaven Farm. 

Larkhaven Farm the perfect place for a family farm operation, on 40 acres of lovely shrub-steppe terrain with 22 acres of irrigation water.  The farmhouse was built in 1955 and updated in 2003 with all new roof, insulation, sheetrock, floors, wiring, copper plumbing, and exterior stucco.  The land is ready for livestock, cross-fenced for grass management.  The neighbors are wonderful on this rural road, 6 miles from Tonasket, and we really hate to leave.

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Originally, the house had 2 upstairs bedrooms and the basement was unfinished.  We finished the basement and made sleeping rooms for our children.  After the kids moved out we cranked up the farmstead cheese business, which took over the upstairs bedrooms.  They can be turned back into bedrooms, or can be used in a hundred creative ways by a thriving homestead family.  There is a heavily-insulated 6x12 walk-in cooler in a small addition on the back of the house.  This has to be seen as a farmhouse to be properly appreciated!  Anyway, sorry we don’t have photos here yet of all these things I am describing. 

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